Barion Pixel Chance Lab Association – Esély Labor Egyesület

Chance Lab Association

About Us

Chance Lab Association has a more than 15-year long history of supporting low income people. In 2018, the organization was renewed, our new members brought new issues on board: 

  • 1. energy poverty, 
  • 2. influencing press representation of poverty via a price given by people experiencing poverty as a jury, 
  • 3. and working for a proper system of social benefits by grass-root campaigning based on the tools of community organizing.

Our members and volunteers are people with the experience of poverty, social professionals (such as social workers, social policy experts, sociologists, community organizers), and activists with various backgrounds (parents, students, retired people etc.).

We aim to build local and international partnerships with other formal or non-formal organizations with similar profiles and similar goals: eradicating poverty in our home country and in Europe, empowering excluded people via democratic participation.

Please, support our work! Thank you!